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Setup via Smartphone

Netgear has made it really easy for its users to log in and set up their routers by themselves. They have given the power of setting up and configuring the routers to the users. Now, the users can configure the router as they please. This includes configuring the router to change the username and password to secure the network, changing the security options and controlling and monitoring the data and much more. Even if the user doesn’t have a desktop computer or an Ethernet cable, the router can still be setup using a wireless device such as a Smartphone. The device just has to be connected to the preset wireless settings of the Netgear router and then the device has to be configured for the internet connection.

There are times when the installation and log in process are troublesome. There might be a few reasons behind it but some of the most common ones include the device that the user is using might have a static IP address or some other IP address issues. If the device that you are using to set up the Netgear router is using the static IP address, then you will have to configure the IP address yourself in order to use the internet.

The login process has been made very convenient by Netgear by providing the routers pre configured to use to set up and logging in to the router. It can be done with a wired connection as well as a wireless device. The Netgear Genie app contains all the configuration settings there are to set up and configure the router by the user. The user can now set up a guest network and control the amount of time a guest network is viable, and set up Parental Controls to monitor and control the websites and remove the access to the inappropriate content from their network.

To install your Netgear Router via a Smartphone:

  1. Connect the modem to the internet port of the router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Turn on the modem and wait for the lights to become stable.
  3. Turn on the router and wait for the LED’s to become stable. The power light will turn green or white.
  4. Keep the preset wireless settings of the Netgear router ready. They are written either on the back or the bottom of the router.
  5. Open up your Smartphone and go to the Wi-Fi connection manager. You will see the name of your network.
  6. Connect to the router that you wish to set up. Enter the password.
  7. Open any web browser and the Netgear Genie page will display. If by some chance the Netgear Genie does not display, then you can go to the address bar and type and press enter.
  8. Enter the default username and password in the fields provided. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”. Click OK.
    If by some chance the password doesn’t work, that means the user has set up a personalized password. In that case, enter the personalized password.
    If you have lost or forgotten the password, a factory reset is required to reset the router to the default settings.
  9. Follow the steps provided in the Netgear Genie to set up the Netgear router to set up and configure the device.

The Congratulations page will appear and now you can start using the internet through your router.

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