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Netgear firmware upgrade ( )

What is a firmware?

A firmware basically is the software of the hardware. It is the software that is embedded in the hardware. Firmwares need to be updated in order for the hardware to stay compatible with the new media. The firmware is added at the time of manufacturing the product and it is then used to run the programs on the device. Firmware is often required to be updated in order to fix some bugs, make security enhancements in order to stay up to date to defend any new threats or to install some new and better features. The devices which are capable of accessing the internet check for the updates themselves and automatically download and install them while other devices require the user to download and install the firmware update manually.

What is a Router’s Firmware?

The firmware of a router is basically the Operating System that is specifically designed to perform the functions given to the hardware on a specific model of the router. The firmware controls how the router will work. It is the pre installed software embedded inside the router that controls all the protocols, administrative features and the router’s security. It is used to operate the router and its hardware and can be used to configure the router and customize the features. It cannot be deleted but can only be replaced with a newer version or in some cases the older version too.

Why is it important to update the firmware of the router?

All the information passes through the router. This includes the sensitive information of the user as well. Almost everyone uses internet to shop online or pay their bills through the internet and much more. As the age of technology and internet grows, more and more people are required to put in their sensitive information online. This makes the sensitive data vulnerable to threats from hackers or other people who are a little too curious. The information may include the private information of the user, the banking details, email information, passwords and more. So if all of it becomes vulnerable to theft or misuse by other people, it will impact the security and privacy of the users and may cause a lot of damage to the user and others as well. So, it is absolutely imperative to upgrade the firmware of the router as soon as possible .Here are some reasons to update your Routers firmware: 

Security Features – One of the most important reasons to update the firmware of your router is the security features so that the security features stay up to date. Some new security enhancements may also be added to keep the firmware geared with the latest security features. There might be some vulnerability in the security features of the routers that the firmware update may fix. 

Bug Fixes – There are bugs in almost every firmware that are needed to be fixed. These bugs might cause some malign errors or seldom cause any major error but nonetheless, for the smooth and carefree experience, these bugs are needed to be fixed in order to experience the smooth

Performance – To gain the best performance out of the routers, it is advised to update the routers firmware whenever released by the manufacturer. The router’s manufacturer may have found a few ways to enhance the performance of the router and if you don’t update the router, you will not be able to take advantage of the enhanced performance or any speed boosts. 

Privacy – Privacy is one of the biggest concerns in everything these days. Hackers are always trying to gain the private information of people so that they can misuse it. The Privacy options are also kept up to date by updating the firmware and that helps in securing the private data of the user.

So, it is absolutely important to update the firmware as soon as the firmware upgrade is released by the manufacturer in order to experience the best out of your router. The firmware upgrades usually only take a couple of minutes for the firmware to update. And it is very easy as well. And it is advised that the process of firmware upgrade is not interrupted as it may cause some problems in the router and may even render it useless.

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