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Netgear Firmware Update

The Firmware of any hardware is basically the software which is used to run the hardware. Every hardware device contains a firmware. It is the operating system incorporated in the hardware device. It is added at the time of manufacturing of the product. It is a non volatile memory which is used to save the recent data even if the power is turned off or by chance the power goes out.

A Firmware Update is recommended because the firmware is responsible for carrying out all the functions of the router. There are some cases where the user may face some issues in the router or there might be some bugs. The latest firmware makes sure the previous issues or bugs have been fixed and it may also add new features to the network. A lot of sensitive information passes through the router such as the private information of the user or their banking information. Keeping an out dated firmware may put all this information at risk of getting stolen. So for the security concerns, it is recommended that the router’s firmware is kept up to date and so that the user can reap all the potential benefits from the router and experience enhanced performance.
Here, we will show you some steps on how to update your Netgear Router’s Firmware.

To update your Netgear Router’s Firmware via the Genie Software

Netgear releases updates constantly to make sure the user is always satisfied with their product. Usually, the router updates itself but by some off chance it doesn’t, then you can download the update and install it manually too. Here are some steps to update your Netgear Router via the Genie software:

1.   Open the Netgear Genie Software and click on the Router Settings panel.

2.   You will be prompted to put in the username and password.
The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”.

3.   On the upper right corner, there will be an arrow pointing towards the right. Click on that arrow. Keep clicking until you see the Router Update tab. Click on it.

4.   Click Next to check for the update availability.

5.   If there is an update available, you will be notified. Click on it and then click OK.
The Netgear Genie software will update your router’s firmware.

To update the Netgear Router’s firmware manually

In some cases, the router doesn’t install and update the firmware itself. In that case, you will have to download the firmware yourself and install it. Here are some steps to help you download and install the firmware manually:

1.   Open the NETGEAR Download Center and download the latest Netgear firmware for your router and save it.

2.   Launch any web browser of your choice on the device connected to the router. A wired connection would be preferable.

3.   Now, go to the address bar and type and press enter.

4.   A display page will prompt you to put in the username and password. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”.

5.   Click on ADVANCED and the Administration.

6.   Click Router Update or Firmware Update. It may be different for different models. Click the Choose File option. If the downloaded firmware is not highlighted already, then you will have to browse for it.

Now, your latest firmware will start to update. Do not interrupt this process as it may cause some damage to your router.

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