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Setup via Smartphone

Netgear has made it really easy for its users to log in and set up their routers by themselves. They have given the power of setting up and configuring the routers to the users. Now, the users can configure the router as they please. This includes configuring the router to change the username and password […]

Netgear firmware upgrade ( )

What is a firmware? A firmware basically is the software of the hardware. It is the software that is embedded in the hardware. Firmwares need to be updated in order for the hardware to stay compatible with the new media. The firmware is added at the time of manufacturing the product and it is then […]

Netgear Firmware Update

The Firmware of any hardware is basically the software which is used to run the hardware. Every hardware device contains a firmware. It is the operating system incorporated in the hardware device. It is added at the time of manufacturing of the product. It is a non volatile memory which is used to save the […]